PhotoImpact 11 ..... tutorial?

I have access to PhotoImpact 11 on a friend’s computer at his office where I drop by frequently.

I looked online for an English language tutorial, but everything I found was super-advanced. Primarily, I would like to make some simple graphic headers for some websites … that would be uploading an image for the background, (which ideally could be “tiled” in the space size indicated: 750 x 150 might be a typical size) … and then add on lettering …

After some searching, so far been unable to find any online tutorials about how to add lettering on a graphic image, and then use all the special effects to jazz it up … Does anyone of the community know of any simple online tutorials for PhotoImpact??

P.S. I tried to use the “Help” included in this Program, (which is in Chinese) however I can only access the Chapter Title pages, I can’t get access to the content of the Chapter … the “page down” button doesn’t flip the pages, and no other way to access that content is indicated … also tried “Control-PgDn” and “Shift-PgDn” … but with no success.