Photos of the American Embassy

I’ve been put in contact with someone looking for photos of the old American embassy and/ or residence.
Also, information related to Ambassor Everett Drumright (1958-1962).

Have done some library research and came up with a travel book by Drumright’s wife, and an old book of snapshots from the China Post’s early days.

Any other ideas?

50 views, and not a clue?

Maybe ask someone at AIT or the State Dept. Public Relations office.

Al jazeera?

Isn’t that the building they made into some kind of artsy-fartsy movie theater? You could ask there I suppose.

The ambassador’s residence is now SPOT, as l’homme de sable states. You could wander down and snap some photos, but how much it has changed since the 60’s, I wouldn’t like to say.

18 Zhongshan N Rd, Sec 2

Yes, but that’s the residence, not the actual embassy. The person looking for this info has been and had no luck.