phpAdsNew -- help me!

Can anyonen give me advice on phpAdsNew?

I’d like to change the ‘zone’ that is found at the bottom of the forum pages. Here’s what I have in mind:

  1. wide – takes up 100% of the width down there
  2. If a basic 468x60 banner is invoked, the banner is centered
  3. if it’s flash, then the flash banner is widened to make the most of the space
  4. Can handle simple HTML banners – like little forms and simple scripts

I spent way too much time last night going over the phpAdsNew manual just to get what you see up and running. Any experts willing to give us some tips?

Hmmm. Remember Flash movies can contain bitmap images or fills and might not scale well. Want to scale and constrain proportions?, most movies will end up with a border somewhere which is ugly. I’d stick with the movie’s default size or limit to 468x60.

Came across this while looking for php references: