Anyone know anything about phpnuke?

There’s one website I visit frequently that uses it, lots of good content, all managed by one person. phpnuke supposedly makes it really easy to maintain it.

Any thoughts?

Here’s what little I’ve been able to figure out–phpnuke and phpbb (used here at forumosa) can be used together, but I still don’t get it. How???

I’m not sure about phpnuke but I think it is similar to postnuke. In this case the system is module based. After you have installed the site you should see a module directory.

Go to the phpbb site and download the module. I know there is a mod for postnuke available but you’ll have to check for phpnuke.

FTP the entire phpbb mod directory into the module directory of your nuke. In the admin section of the nuke program there should be a module option. From there you can add (or initialise) the phpbb mod.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, it’s starting to make sense. I found the link with the different modules available. Also found this resource: if anyone’s interested.