Phuket or Koh Samui

Hey everyone,

I originally wanted to go to Vietnam but am reconsidering because the time of year I will be travelling. At any rate I have decided that Thailand is probably a better place to go to. First off I will be travelling for CNY for two weeks. Secondly, my 60 year old dad will be coming in total there will be 6 of us.

I would like to ask some of the people that have been to Thailand which they think is better, or is a good place to visit.

What I would like is some nice beaches as my father is a beach whore, experience a little bit of the Thai culture for my girlfriend, and good restaurants and bars for me. Don’t really want to be moving around a lot, jst get to a good spot and chill out.

Thank you for all tips and advice

In my opinion, Phuket has better beaches.

I’d agree with Steve.

I reckon Phuket:

  • is easier to get to
  • is friendlier
  • has better night life
  • has better restaurants
  • has better beaches
  • has better hotels (which are cheaper too)

Since the dad is coming I would go with Phuket, else Koh Samui would get my vote.