Physical Exams in TW

Where is a decent place to get a physical exam in Taipei? Either a private clinic or hospital that can do it for under NT$10K, but not the kind where you have to wait in line with the rest of the world going from one station to the next. Anyone had good experiences?

There’s a very good priority clinic in the adventist hospital that is mostly used by expats. No waiting and very painless. But, if you are talking about a health certificate for an employment visa, you can only go to the govermnent approved hospitals. There’s a thread about this somewhere in this forum.

Highly recommend the Priority Care Clinic at Seventh Day Adventist Hospital. I looked high and low for a clinic with good service and competent doctors, and this one fit the bill. Correctly diagnosed me (with bronchitis), and got me on the way to health.

Speaking of bills, the clinic takes cash only. No National Medical Insurance.

I’ll dig up the number if you can’t find it.