Physician employment for foreigners

does anyone know if there are any opportunities for a physician (ophthalmologist) from another country to work in taiwan?

About a year ago, I met a foreign guy and doctor who was working at one of the local hospitals. He seemed to be here in some temporary capacity. You might try asking at one of the medical universities in town (like the National Yang Ming Medical University in Tianmu). Unfortunately, I have no details about the guy.

I read recently that Taiwan exported a significant amount of pharmaceuticals in the first half of this year: … 2003263491

It seems there would be plenty of opportunities in marketing in this area. Or maybe on the research side of things. Or maybe even work with patents.

Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems the local doctors would have set up barriers to prevent (or at least make it difficult for) overseas doctors from directly practicing here.


I had reason to be looking at the regulations related to hiring foreigners today, and ran across some info on the medical professions. A few relevant passages are below:

This information came from a website belonging to the Council of Labor Affairs: .