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Don’t really know it this question has been posted before. My name is Stephen, and I should be moving to Taiwan (Taipei or Hsinchu) later this year together with my wife (who is Taiwanese). Basically I’m a European physiotherapist with an Honors Degree, specializing in McKenzie Techniques and General Rehab. However I know that physiotherapy is not really common in Taiwan or many East Asian countries for that sake. I would like to ask if there are any hospitals or foreign clinics in Taiwan which do offer a Rehabilitation Ward or Section. I would love to find a job continuing what I studied or at least practice on the side seeing as there aren’t really many around, however my chinese is still quite rusty (hoping to improve also). Would anyone know of any foreign practitioner or physiotherapist that I could contact for help or info maybe.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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hm, that is tough since you can’t speak chinese. in terms of what you can do for a job, you can apply for a job as a dish washer because you only need to understand simple chinese like when they tell you to get some more dishes and wear to put things, etc. or you could try being a waiter if the boss doesn’t mind that your chinese is rusty. like when i worked in a korean restaurant the boss hired a vietnamese woman to be a waiter even though she couldn’t even read chinese characters. apparently she memorised the position of the dishes on the sheet where you place the order.

Dude if you is any good the foreign community will give you business. I’m a cyclist and me and all my lycra-clad buddies will pay top dollar for a good physio. Currently there are some OK local physios and some quacks masquerading as physios. But no one really outstanding.

Dr David Hang, Shin Kong Orthopedic Sports Medicine Institute, 250 Ji He Road, Shi Lin, Taipei. Tel: 02 2881 0556 x 1129
Football clubs in Taipei recommend him. The Dr speaks very good English, he works with professional athletes and has done knee reconstruction and extensive physical therapy with injured expats playing in Taipei. I am not sure if he is technically a physiotherapist, but it may be a good starting point? If you do work in Taipei as a physiotherapist, please post here as Facebook expat pages in Taipei and Hsinchu. There will be plenty of business I’m sure.

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Have you found any job in Taiwan as a PT ? I am from Europe and I am also a PT specializing in Manual Therapy treating various musculoskeletal disorders. I currently working in China, but I’d love to settle in Taiwan (Taipei). I know that physiotherapy is not really popular there as well. Could you please help me or give some advises where and how to start ?

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Just wondering if you had any luck finding any PT jobs for foreigners in Taiwan. I am Canadian trained PT with over 15 years of experience, but interested in the possibility of practicing in Taiwan. Thanks

I consulted a PT friend of mine. It seems that before you are approved to take the exam, you need to have internship for at least 36 weeks/1440 hrs.

Please see this document for detail:

Translate: If you don’t have enough internship, you can apply to have internship in the accredited hospitals in Taiwan.

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All the rule of the PT licensing exam are posted in this official website
Here’s what you should do before taking the exam.

I just called the Ministry of Examination (02)2236-9188 Ext: 3150 to inquire about the Physiotherapist examination for foreigners who want to practice PT in Taiwan. I’m surprised that they also have English receptionist, just press 2 when you call.

Here’s some info I got from the Ministry of Examination:

  1. Everyone has to go through licensing exam no matter how many years you’ve practiced in other countries since Taiwan doesn’t have any reciprocal route for PT or other medical professionals.
  2. All the examinations are in Chinese, except some medical terms might be written in English.
  3. If you have your PT education in other countries, please provide the following documents and send it to the Ministry of Examination two months before the licensing exam, which is held twice annually in early January and late July.
    ** Diploma, Transcript, Proof of internship, Certificate of Entry and Exit Records* (to prove that one actually study in that school) , Passport, Application form.
    Some of these documents have to be translated into Chinese and be accredited by the Embassy of Taiwan abroad.
  4. The Ministry of Examination will review your documents and prove your eligibility to sit for the licensing exam.

I hope this answers most people’s question.

I do personally know a TCM doctor who had his MD. PhD degree in Germany. He came to Taiwan to learn TCM and he loved living in Taiwan. In order to become a TCM doctor in Taiwan, he went to school for 5 years and passed the exam.

Nothing is impossible! Good Luck.