Physiotherapy in Taipei

A couple of years ago I hurt my knee quite badly in an auto accident. I’m hoping some therapy might help.
To that end I’m wondering if anyone can recommend a good physiotherapy clinic here in Taipei and give me an idea of costs if it’s not covered by NHS. thanks

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Tert Card, here’s a thread with information about the Taida sports medicine clinic:
[Arthroscopic Knee Surgery
The thread focuses on knee surgery but the clinic could do a diagnosis and I guess could provide physio if that were the appropriate treatment. (They are covered by the health insurance system.)

There ARE doctors in Taiwan who will recommend surgery when perhaps it is not needed. I don’t imagine that the Taida clinic is like that but just to be on the safe side, if they did recommend surgery then you could read up on it and get a second opinion somewhere else before coming to a decision.

As a followup. I’ve been attending Chang Gang (sp.) Hospital on Dunhua for physio for some time now. It’s excellent and if anyone’s in need of physio I would highly recommend it. A few fantastic, English speaking therapists are on site.