Piano Lesson for your children..!

Hi everyone,
I’m English Speaking Piano Teacher.

I’ve learned Piano for 16 years and experienced as piano teacher for the last 3 years.
I teached more than twenty students for “Private piano lesson” and more than fifty students for “Music Theory Class” and I get good recognition over it.

Teaching hours : It can be flexible and we can match our schedule
Location : I can go to your house or school where MRT can reach that place, preferably around Gongguan Station.
Expected rate of Pay: According to the needs and location of the students.

I can handle a class, and I would like to teach either you or your children, because music is really good especially for the early age. it will increase intelligence, perception and help develop your child’s right brain! You can search from internet and you will find a lot of articles about this benefit…!
do not think “that my child may not like to learn piano” or something like that. Honestly for the first time, my mother “force” me to learned piano. when I was a child, I often beg my mother to stop my piano lesson, but luckily, my mother didn’t fulfill my wish. and now, I really thank my parents for what they have done for me at that time and thank that they didn’t listen my request to stop learning piano. :slight_smile:
I wish that your son or daughter will have the same experience with what I first went through, and feel really grateful when they are grew up as I feel right now towards my parents. :slight_smile:

Feel free to message me and ask for further information that you might require.
And please let me know if you or your friends have a job that suitable for me.

You can reach me through these information below.

Thank you very much

Best regards,
Richard Giovanni Oentoro