PIC QUIZ ROUND 11 (Where is this /or What happened there?)

I recognized that as the Bretton Woods hotel…had to look up the actual name.

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OK, then what’s this then?

A train? Mount Washington Cog Railway

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Look at the track. And it’s in the vicinity of my last effort. :roll:

Yurp. Awesome day too. Visibility was zilch at the top. Lots of fun.

Looks pretty cool. Wondering what kinds of noises it makes.

Nothing you can’t hear in Taiwan. It only goes like 4 MPH. But when the wind blows or the train jerks a bit back and forth, the wooden roof bends.

I was expecting the cogs to make it sound different. Isn’t there also a ski resort there? The skiing any good?

Sure, lots of skiing, and then more in VT. Good? I would think so. I mean, it’s East Coast skiing, but the hills are about 5-6000ft and they get 15 feet of snow in winter.

I always heard the Northeast doesn’t get powder like we do out west, but I’ve never been.

And here I was, thinking someone had cracked the @hannes’s puzzle…

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It’s up to you, man. Good luck!

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Whoa, I literally have no recollection of posting that quiz. No wonder I recognized it so readily…


I barely remembered it–sort of a fragment-memory.

I think I posted it because I’d recently seen it in a documentary or movie.

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a winged figure of a woman

OMG, did you find the place?

Yeah. Is it against the rules to post a picture? And/or the location?

It is. Glad you found it though.

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