PIC QUIZ ROUND 5 (Where is this? What happened there?)

Round V of the Picture Quiz

Here are the RULES:

  • Post images of places and ask related questions, like Where is this? What is this? etc.

  • Post new images only after the last has been guessed correctly.

  • Next image is posted by the player who got the right answer or someone else when that player says he/she does not want to post a new one.

  • The player who’s turn it was to post the image can take part in guessing the next image.

  • Give 5 possible answers, of which one is correct, the others are wrong.

  • Every guesser can pick only one answer and only one that has not been picked by someone else.

  • At least three players need to pick one answer.

  • The answer is revealed after three players have made a wrong guess, or one has made the correct guess, whatever happens first.

  • The player who has picked the right answer gets 1 point.

  • If no one picks the right answer, the picture poster gets 1 point.

  • Ask an additional question related to history. “What happened here?” One extra point for correct answer.

  • Guesses should not be changed after being posted.

  • This time we’ll have 5 levels. For each correct guess you get 1 point. (emoji; type of emoji for each level will be determined as the game progresses). After you have collected 10 points, you’ll move to the next level. The blue number behind a player indicates the number of accumulated correct guesses across the rounds of the game.)

  • Winner of the round is who gets the 10th correct guess on Level 5 first.

  • At the end of the game the three players at the top get gold, silver, and bronze medals respectively

  • I’ll update the leader board when I find time.

  • If you have any suggestions for these rules let me know. They can be changed anytime, if their is consensus among the players.

DR_MILKER (:1st_place_medal: :1st_place_medal: :1st_place_medal: :2nd_place_medal: :two::eight::three:)
RICKROLL (:1st_place_medal: :2nd_place_medal: :3rd_place_medal: :one::three::four:)
GEAJVOP (:2nd_place_medal: :one::zero::four:)
HANNES (:2nd_place_medal: :nine::one:)
SHIADOA (:3rd_place_medal: :3rd_place_medal: :eight::eight:)
INCUBUS (:3rd_place_medal: :three::four:)
TANDO (:five::five:) TEMPOGAIN (:three::four:) HANSIOUX (:three::three:) CHARLIE_JACK (:two::six:)
MA3XIU1 (:one::nine:) THE BEAR (:one::five:) CHARLIE PHILIPS (:one::four:) FEI-FAN (:one::four:)
WINDY TOWN (:one::three:) FUMAROLE (:one::one:) BOJACK (:seven:) WAI (:six:)
ROOFTOPCLOWN (:three:) TANGO42 (:three:) ZEPTO (:three:) MICK (:three:)
GAIN (:two:) GRUEN (:two:) HEYHO (:two:) LIAM_OG (:two:) SHAOLEFEN (:two:)
DASAINT (:two:) BRIANJONES (:one:) GABOMAN (:one:) OWNLEYES (:one:) ZAPMAN (:one:)

Pick a name:


What military conflict occurred not far (roughly 8 km northwest) from here a long long time ago?

No idea, but since it there was a conflict, I assume someone won it.
So, my guess is Victoria.

Good try, but no.


No, one more and I am the LEADER!!! It’s hit and miss I know. The only way to get ahead for me. But once you know the name, you can get the second answer rather quickly.

******** Redoubt in Pirongia?

The conflict happened way before NZ was even on the radar. And there were certainly no radars to begin with back then.

Battle of Bosworth Field?

Right country, wrong battle

Hint: Picking up speed might get you there faster…


And alexandra cause the pope

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Round about here: https://goo.gl/maps/ZyohWdaNrErPk5jj8

I guess it’s Alexandra Park then?

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Thats what I am thinking.

(this could be my first ever chance to be the chip leader, whoop!)

What pope?

Pope Alexander II. (He approved the Norman invasion)

And he was a she??

whatever, you can never tell with these continentals names (not to mention their long hair)

Should’ve gotten it…my ancestors were in that battle. :slightly_smiling_face:

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