PIC QUIZ ROUND 5 (Where is this? What happened there?)


really, which side?


The winning side, of course. :grin:


That explains you predispostion for understanding French then (and your tonedeafness with Dutch :grin:)

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As the story goes, my surname comes from a geographical feature of the lands granted by William the Conquerer.


The Belgian conquest has begun, what’s next, Congo?


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So its true, “city-cow-titty” really is your hometown then!

P.S. I cant post one now, but I will repay the debt later (sorry)


My titties are big, but not big enough to be a geographical feature. :open_mouth:

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I do the next, of course

Which country?

Sri Lanka

Extra point
Who was killed about a kilometer from this spot?


India, Mahatma Gandhi?


India is correct. Someone else was killed.


Indira Gandhi?

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Actually both of them were killed about 1~1.5 kilometer from that spot. But I was looking for Indira.



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I figured it had to be a Gandhi. They have a habit of getting assassinated. :grin:


Looking for the name of the body of water outside of this harbor. Extra point for the name of the battle that was fought in that body of water (named after this town).

Straits of Corfu
Aegean Sea
Gulf of Corinth
Ionian Sea


Ionian Sea, Battle of Actium?


Nice guess, but no and no.




You can keep guessing the name of the battle!


Battle of Lemnos (1913)