PIC QUIZ ROUND 8 (Where is this and/or What happened there?)


One of the heroes turned away from his allies. He found followers amongst the local people and tought them his ways. Then he appointed a ruler from amongst the them.
The other heroes realised, that maybe soon, another war was coming. They had many disagreements, but they stayed together. They unified the lands they stood guard over and helped the locals to rule themselves.

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Your son’s name is rn? And what is a bard and lich? :smirk:

The Hoff shares a massage with an eastern European warlord, and there’s a joke about a finger going up a bumhole.

Right now.

Yes. It’s short for Rambold-Nepumuk

The son’s name is rn right now? How about later? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Like Barde in German, of course!
And Lich like Leiche…


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Philip H. Hoff expressed the intention not to be nominated for VP.

Now that’s out of left field…

Did the Hoff say that he does not want to sing for the warlord?

To continue the tale…

Thus the kingdom was split. First it seemed like the two Half’s could coexist, maybe even reunite. But soon the two halves became separate kingdoms. The former king’s castle however was split between the heroes even though it was surrounded by the new, evil ruler’s land. His name was “Warlord”.

(If I continue the tale, all guesses until this point had been wrong.)

Not bringing down the Berlin Wall?

Hoff expressed the intention not to do violent bootleg?

The other country’s ruler was called “Bold-Advisor” He accused War-Lord of furthering the division and hindering the people from traveling between the two halfs. War-Lord lied to his people. He told them, the other half was rotten and their only goal was to subdue his kingdom and enslave it’s citizens. But he would protect them against them! In reality he wanted to isolate his kingdom and to do so he would erect a bulwark so strong that it would be impenetrable.

(I thought, that would have been be easier to guess)


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You guys don’t have any idea where this is going, right?
Hint: We’re in Berlin.

I’ve been thinking Berlin.

Not quite.