PIC QUIZ ROUND 8 (Where is this and/or What happened there?)

Both, you were almost there, actually

“Alien Zone”, the gift shop nearby?

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Finally, you made it! That took a while. he he he

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Well, you pretty much throw it to my face!
I think you should get a point for that! :joy:

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I didn’t want anyone else wake up and snatch it after all the heavy lifting you did. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Why is there a smile in the leaderboard?

One : too many

Alright, let’s try something different

This building was constructed during a period lasting four years, according to what is written on a wall to the right.

Try to guess one of those years. If you get one of the years right you get a point. If the first three guessers are all wrong, I get the point.


Extra point: Name the city where the building is located.

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1954, Moscow?

I’ll wait for two more guesses before revealing the correct years. :slight_smile:

So as to not give the next two any kind of help.

So, it means that both my guesses area wrong, right?

Could be wrong, could be right, let’s wait and see

1948 Hamburg


Spanish civil war zaragoza 1936-1939

Isn’t that just three years?

1958 Warszawa

Potentially “just” three points?

I was reconing its three years but also four in the sense that its 36, 37, 38 and 39

Doubt its the right answer cause im now suspecting the building is younger

The first three guesses were wrong. However, @Liam_Og guessed three years, instead of one, so that guess was against what was intended (if you guessed 1900~1980, you’d got one of the years right for sure). Taking that guess out for illegality, @Hygge’s becomes the third guess, and wonder oh wonder, he’s got it right, dang! The building was constructed between 1955 and 1958. @RickRoll was sooo close. Ha ha.

He’s also closest when it comes to the city (in terms of geographic distance, but not necessarily culturally)


Can’t show more cause that would make guessing the city too easy…

Those are the type of people that live there: