PIC QUIZ ROUND 8 (Where is this and/or What happened there?)

Sunday quiz

This building was built in? Who gets closest in the first three guesses gets the point. If everyone is off by five years or more, I get the point.

Extra point for naming the city where this museum is located.



Good guesses, you know your architecture well


The correct answer is 1960. So Mr. Milker gets a :deciduous_tree:

Hint for the bonus question: The city is only the 19th largest in its country and has less than 50,000 inhabitants.

The city from above

Whanganui, New Zealand?

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That is correct!

The Whanganui War Memorial Centre, which opened in 1960 and was free of debt thanks to the support of the local community through fundraising and donations, is among the top 1000 architectural ‘modernistic’ buildings in the world and the top 50 in the southern hemisphere. It is both beautiful and practical and has served the community well ever since.


A married couple lived for years in the building pictured above. The husband died in 1959. Several decades later, his widow left this building because of events that got the attention of much of the world. Something is named, more or less, after the widow. What is it?

(1) a library
(2) a flower
(3) an airport

Bonus point: As to the reason for the above-mentioned attention-getting events, an American government official said it could be summed up by the word “jobs.” Please name that government official.


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A library?


We usually have five choices to give the poster a chance to win a point him or herself…

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Yikes! Sorry! I forgot! :frowning:

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James Baker?

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I just edited my quiz post by changing “said it could be summed it up” to “said it could be summed up.” I removed one of the its.

Correct! Wow, that was fast. :slight_smile:


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The first point was hard because it was a little obscure. The bonus point was hard because several relevant webpages were behind paywalls. :grin:


Something I didn’t think through carefully enough: She left because of the Iraqi invasion, not, as far as I can tell, because of our participation. Still, I think I should be cut some slack because of (1) res gestae and (2) the fact that I didn’t get caught, but instead, voluntarily confessed.

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I was wondering about that, but I thought, “Eh, close enough.”

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