Picasaweb, FB ... not available in China?

I’m in China at the moment and tried to open my Picasaweb site and FB … not happening!
Anyone experience with this … why do they block it?
Even uploading images from within Picasa doesn’t work.

What’s weird is that the TT is freely available … oh, and Forumosa … otherwise I couldn’t post. :smiley:

Yep, no FB. Even gmail is tricky at times. Don’t know about PCW.

GLTY (good luck to you).

Indeed, these sites are blocked. You need to use a proxy.

Thank you … but proxies are paid or free, but full of ads …

So, even Google+ I can’t access from China … what a backward country this is …

i used to be able to use Google reader as a proxy but not
last time I was there.