Pick your dream career. Change your life

The good Doctor, Almas John, got me thinking with one of his impromptu remarks. It lead to some off-topic banter, which led to this.

I am going to quit teaching. I am sick of the low pay here. It was fun when I was in Asia and I could work 4 days per week, but here it’s a serious business for a very very very crap wage.

If you could do anything you wanted, career-wise, what would you do? If you are already happy and feel you have the ultimate career for you, keep the stuff out of my thread, this space is for dreamers, not crows. There is room for jokers though.

If I faced my fears I’d get involved in acting. It’s getting a stronger and stronger thought in my mind. I should go buy a copy of ‘The Stage,’ and see what’s what. But for now I am going for a job with Honda doing lease validations, (lots of Euro travel) and training to be an Air Traffic Controller.

I’m throwing my old life away. What would you do if you were going to do the same?

If I’d have known at 21 that I had 21/21 eyesight and that flying was so much fun, I’d be a professional pilot now instead of a recreational one.

I’d like to be a novelist (yeah, yeah–I’m working on it), spiritual teacher (except honest), and diplomat envoy to places like Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Radio Announcer.
Ad writer.
Shape Shifting Hobgoblin.

Perpetual motion machine inventor.

Painter/ sculptor.

Working musician.



Actor/rockstar rolling in money and hot models (preferably nude big breasted ones).

Billionaire (rolling in hotmodels, see preference above).

I wanted to be a fighter pilot as a kid, but my eyes were too bad, and then I got older and realised Top Gun was actually about the US Navy, which is an entirely different country to South Africa (with such well placed cultural imperialism via Hollywood, as a 6 year old, who knew?) and lost interest altogether. That said, wouldn’t mind having a go in an F-14.

International rugby player for either the Springboks, All Blacks or Wallabies.

Pro golfer.

Porn Star.

Novelist or psychologist is actually attainable, so wouldn’t mind being one of those in a few years.

War Correspondent. Relief worker.

At the same time?

I’d like to be a successful writer. Note the word “successful” - as opposed to being some drunken wanker who pays the bills with other work.

Making documentaries would also rock.

However, my real dream jobs no longer exist. I’d have to go back in time to do them.

novelist/writer: historical fiction/nonfiction and science fiction
photojournalist/diver for Natl Geo

when I was a kid, I wanted to be a monk. That didn’t go over so well with my folks.

Sometimes the necessity of having to make a living can get in the way. My advice would be that if you want to be an actor, then go act. If you want to be a writer then write. If you want to be a rock star, forget it, that’s my job you’re taking from me.



chicken sexer.

I wouldn’t mind being a ski instructor in Switzerland or Chamonix, ad Chile or NZ in the other months… just a shade too old now to do that all year round, but I still take people skiing when and where i can.

I’d love to get a Masters in Public Health and my hubby wants to study Wildlife Conservation, and we would both love to work in Africa again in some sort of capacity in these fields. I think we might do it in about 7 or 8 years or so. It will be time for a career change then.

[quote=“Jack Burton”]
when I was a kid, I wanted to be a monk. That didn’t go over so well with my folks.[/quote]

The fighting kind? Or the kind that makes beer?

Nick Cave.

Dear Sir/Madam

I read with a sense vague desperation, your ad for the position of ******** desk monkey. With mounting money worries and the censure of my family weighing heavily on my shoulders, it is with self-loathing and shame that I attach my CV for your condescension/mirth/rejection.

Having read the advertisement carefully, I feel sure that only an idiot would apply for this job. It would appear to be your lucky day. Although I generally consider myself to be more intelligent than the common herd, I concede there is little external evidence for this other than a rather spiffy degree in English gained more than ten years ago. Hence the application.

In addition to the skills outlined in my CV, I would like to bring to your attention the following achievements:

• Excellent communication skills in Mandarin Chinese gained from having woken up in Panchiao missing a shoe one too many times.
• Managed to remain employed in the ELT industry for more than ten years without having been incarcerated or committed.
• A unique ability to surf the worldwideweb and pilfer stationery while maintaining a thin veneer of diligence and honesty.
• An encyclopaedic knowledge of gin and tequila and Taipei county bus routes.

Although I don’t much care about the salary as I firmly believe that financial support should come from my grandparents and credit cards rather than the fruits of my own labour, I would like a south facing desk, no more than 20 paces from the coffee machine.

Yours sincerely,

Buttercup H. Buttercup

PS, if you call the above number, please do not, under any circumstances, ask for ‘Jim’. If anyone says their name is ‘Jim’, don’t give out any personal details.

nice to see your back, buttercup.

now turn around, please.

[quote=“Tyc00n”][quote=“Jack Burton”]
when I was a kid, I wanted to be a monk. That didn’t go over so well with my folks.[/quote]

The fighting kind? Or the kind that makes beer?[/quote]

The fighting, philosophical kind. Back then, didn’t know they made beer.

When I was in highschool a lot of guys wanted to be the Kungfu Xiaolin priest.

Either Marvel Comics, or making my own MMORPG. Not drawing the comics or coding the game, just telling other people what I want them to do.