Picking a city to live in

Hi folks,
I’ve been looking into teaching over in Taiwan for a few weeks now and had some questions on where to teach and what type of school.

About me:
-Bachelors in cultural anthropology
-Masters In special education and full teaching certificate
-Previous ESL teaching in South Korea (one year contract)
-30 years old
-Male / Anglo

 I'm a really chill person. I avoid hectic environments and drama at all costs. I just finished 7+ years of schooling with a small break to teach in Korea so I would really like to just have a job without too many hours that'll help me pay the student loans while not having some outrageous city-priced apartments. 

 I've experienced first hand how awful management can be in private schooling and am no stranger to shady ESL recruiters either. I've read a lot about Taichung and have an offer to teach there for a public school (which, I'm told, is a better deal) for grades 10 - 12th. The salary is within the floor and ceiling I've been reading throughout all the forums that span about 7-8 years and is freakishly consistent in terms of teacher salary. 
 I'm not opposed to living in a big city but if I can help it I would like something that is fun, accessible, not super crowded, and is close to a beach or two (I grew up in Alaska by the coast and it feels weird to be too far away from a body of water I can splash around in or just hang out by. Crazy heat isn't a problem since I've been in Arizona for 10 years and it's roughly 110 degrees here as I type this up! 

 Most forums I've read up on suggest Taichung while others recommended cities further east of the capital. 

 I'm sure that right after I post this I'll remember a bunch of pertinent information so pardon the lack of detail if that seems the case to yourself. All I am asking for is an objective overview from folks WHO HAVE LIVED IN TAIWAN on places they'd recommend and why. Thanks for taking the time to read this thread.