Pickled eggs

Picked eggs are a great with a cold beer. They can be found in most Western pubs. My grandfolks used to have one of those pubs. Her recipe was purchased by a food supply company and are now distributed under the name of MORGAN’S ALLEY FOODS
It was easy and cheap. Here it is.
Many of use use the gallon jars of dill pickles from Costco. When the pickles are gone, recycle the remaining juice:

Boil about 20 eggs for about 15 minutes. They need to be well done.
Carefully peel and layer them tightly into the pickle juice. Don’t use any broken eggs or pieces. Add about 10 cloves of garlic. NO CRUSHED GARLIC. It will cloud the juice.
Add about 20 whole pepper corns
Add about 4 whole red peppers. I like mine hot. I also like to add one sliced jalepeno.
Top off the jar with purchased bottled water. Don’t use filtered as it will cloud the juice.
Leave this set for about a week.
The juice will preserve the eggs and the spices give them a really nice twang.
A great quick snack when you have no time to cook.
Don’t re-use the juice after the eggs are gone.

Does anyone know how to properly pickle eggs?

I’m sick of Tea Eggs.

Took a look online and found a few recipes that seem easy enough but I’m wondering if anyone has made pickled eggs in the past with success?

3 weeks? Should I be worried about the stench? Will the eggs lose consistency and turn rancid?


I love these eggs with beer. I’d just like to get it right the first time.

I have made pickled eggs, a.k.a. henfruit, many times.
3 weeks is about right. Try one after 1 week, and then at the 2 week mark to learn the differences.
And they can last a very long time.
Use good vinegar and keep notes on what and how much of each spice you use. It will help you find a recipe thats best for you.
Hint: a small bit of cinammon can be nice.

The good thing is, its cheap and easy and you get to eat your mistakes.

And remember to keep the windows open after eating them…<ka-blaaaaaaam!>

I have a true pickled egg story.

I recall posting a receipe in the food forum several months ago. You might try searching. If it cant be found, pm me and I’ll send it. I always keep a gallon jar of them around. The keep for as long as it takes me to go through them.