Picnic around Taipei


Any body knows some great place to have a picnic around Taipei? Tamsui area?

Thanks !

Da-an Forest Park?

The left bank of Danshui River at Bali?

And no, it is not remotely like the left bank of the Seine in Paris…

Qingtiankang (or however it is pinyined) up in Yangmingshan.

If you head to Yangmingshan and don’t want to picnic near piles of water buffalo poop (Qingtiangang) then I can recommend Datun Nature Park.

ymsnp.gov.tw/html/engnew/tou … n%20pk.htm

A picnic? Well, I like loading up a few brews and some decent pork sandwiches. I take my cooler and head down to Kuang fu park under the Kuang fu Bridge between Taipei and Banciao. There you will find several teams playng ball and a great grassy area to spread out your shit. Nice time on a weekend and occassionally you get to see a REALLY good game of females on females. DAMN good fun for everyone. I much prefer watching young girls play. They are down-right vicious.