Pics of Custom or Interesting Cars

A few here. in my opinion, people should try the Canadian made super sevens with the motorcycle engines Made by the late David Seville‐Peck. they are a different beast than the UK ones! Honestly, I got scared driving them and decided trucks were more my pace!

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its mint… nothing to justify a tow.

Indeed - people were snobby in the area

Saw this one yesterday, didn’t check what brand, no idea

McLaren something-or-other.

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So, do you wash this one then :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:?
Or just like your bike?

If someone wants to see a bunch of Range/Land Rovers, go to 河馬車坊 Hippo Garage

You can take a virtual walk with Street View instead.

Link is broken

Google 河馬車坊 Hippo Garage and click on the map, it will open in the street they are located.

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I have always likes defenders since I was a kid, didn’t think there would be a market for them here.

Before I bought it, someone used it on a farm/stud to transport bales of hay. I paid £200 for it.

I may have hoovered the inside a bit, but I don’t recall washing it.

The last car I recall washing broke down immediately after its first wash (2 years into ownership) so now I don’t bother.

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Does it come with the soccer mom?