Pictorial Spaghetti recipe

I’m messing around with Comic Life and flickr, and cooked this up for a friend back home who likes my sauce but couldn’t make it from a straight recipe. Any suggested improvements or improvisations on the recipe (or format) are welcome, here, or on flickr.

That’s really cool! :bravo:

Spaghetti looks good, too! :lick:

I think you’ve got something there. You could make a great kids cookbook this way. It would make inexperienced cooks feel more confident in trying their hand at cooking. Most cookbooks only show the finished product.

One thing you might want to change is either expand the width of the first text box or shorten the nouns to be meat (hamburger or chicken), clear or almost clear (translucent), 'shrooms? :laughing: (mushrooms) so they fit and don’t wrap without hyphens.

Also, are you sure your friend can prepare the noodles? For completeness I think you should add that step.

I’ll talk to you more when I redeem my free pint. :wink: