Picture of Taiwan version Ericsson K750?

Where can I see a picture of the keypad (apart from in the shop) for the Taiwan version? I want to see if the Boppo Mofo on the keypad makes it unreadable like on my Nokia, or whether I should get one without the hieroglyphics in HK instead. I am going a bit blind these days.

Or can the keypad be changed? I am willing to pay someone to do that - but will they bustificate the phone?

Its an awsome phone. It has small but readable keys. The keys have big #, all 3 letters (small but readable) and the bpmf above. I can take its picture and PM it to you if you are still interested.

Cheers. I got one anyway. The keypad is not too bad. Good phone. Great camera. Wish it had one-button white balance access but you can’t have everything.