Picture ON Resume?

I have seen a number of posts where people mention that it is a good idea to include a photo of yourself on your resume. My questions concern the format:

Question 1:

  1. Do you print out a separate photo and then attach it (like with a paper clip) to your resumer?


  1. Do you actually put a digital image of yourself by your contact information within the document itself (and thus when you print your resume, the first page automatically has a picture of your smiling face printed on the first page itself)?

Question 2:

Does your picture show you in a suit and tie? (for men)

Question 3
(especially if answer to question 1 was to put the photo in document itself)

Color or b&w?

I would love to hear your opinions on this, as many people have stated that unlike the US, it is a really good idea. Just want the exact details.