Pictures From A South African Prison

I agree that prison should not be a comfortable place, givin the amount of prisoners who complain about conditions in prison in North America compaired to this one, which I think looks more like a concentration camp then a jail. I would so much rather go to jail in North America over a place like this! … html/1.stm

I realise this thread was already dead and buried, but here I go none the less.

In short, if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime…

Boo, bloody hoo!! The bleeding hearts out there (who know anything about violent crime in SA) should be aware of the fact that these “poor nice men” suffering such a horrendous fate in these “torturous” conditions are there for a very good reason indeed. The US (certain States I realise) and several other nations still practice the death penalty. Some are pro and some are con to this punishment, but the SA penal system is a walking advertisment for it. Most of the inmates in SA prisons are not only repeat offenders (why we don’t have the Californian three strikes and you’re out rule I’ll never know!!), jailed for violent crimes and who often recieve fairly light sentences.

The violent crimes in question are usually murder, armed robbery, hijacking and rape (more often than not gang rape, and rape of senior citizens and minors). In the event of hijacking, rape, abduction, kidnapping, armed robbery and common robbery the victims are more often than not either raped, killed or both. And I say AGAIN, this is the MAJORITY of crime committed in SA. The minority is non violent crime or white collar crime.

The bleeding hearts are always going on about the poor penal system, overcrowding etc. Ag shame, the poor criminals. What about the victims? What about the under funded and under manned police force?

Screw violent repeat offenders. Give some thought to the murdered and raped victims. If they survive (which is also a minority event) they carry emotional (and most times physical) scars that will never heal.

Line them up and shoot them. Take a page out of China’s book, I say. These pictures get no sympathy from me.

Actually, white (and white collar) criminals get shorter sentences, or no sentences, or don’t even get prosecuted. In the case of the USA, lots of people are put away for minor drug offenses for longer than violent criminals. A black man in the USA has a greater chance of going to prison than going to college.

According to the International Centre for Prison Studies at King’s College London, the U.S. currently has the largest documented prison population in the world, both in absolute and proportional terms. Roughly 2.03 million people behind bars, or 701 per 100,000 population. China has the second-largest number of prisoners (1.51 million, but a rate of only 117 per 100,000), and Russia has the second-highest rate (606 per 100,000, for a total of 865,000). Russia had the highest rate for years, but has released hundreds of thousands of prisoners since 1998; meanwhile the U.S. prison population has grown by even more. Rounding out the top ten, with rates from 554 to 437, are Belarus, Bermuda (UK), Kazakhstan, the Virgin Islands (U.S.), the Cayman Islands (UK), Turkmenistan, Belize, and Suriname, which you’ll have to agree puts America in interesting company. South Africa, a longtime star performer on the list, has dropped to 15th place (402) since the dismantling of apartheid. I wonder why that is, either SA was loaded up with political prisoners, or there is miraculously less crime all of a sudden. Anyway, GO USA! WE ARE NUMBER ONE! HEY! WE ARE NUBMER ONE!

Well we have a great system. By forcing school districts to afford thier own recources we guarantee that the more poor districts will stay more poor. Genuis system.