Pictures of Healthy Mixed breeds and Stray Animals

I’m starting this thread for two reasons. First reason is, we need good pics for our new website.(It’s not up just yet) Maybe we could use some of your pictures. I’m looking for pictures of dogs and cats who look nothing like pure breeds.

Second reason is, I like dogs. :slight_smile:

Here’s one of mine. This is Lois. She lives on the street.

With apologies to Mr he who lost his dog recently through no fault of his own, here are two beautiful rescued strays with one pure bread pomeranian at play on the beach in Taoyuan county. My dogs are the black tugou cross and the pom, btw.

Sorry to hear abot MrHe’s loss. Thanks for your post Toasty. I think your pic isn’t close enough so we can’t use it on our website.

I’m temping this now, hoping to get a few more posts in the temporary forum.


Ooooh I want to use that one, Sandman. I assume you don’t mind us using it on our website. Pm me your full name if you want us to add a copyright, or we can just post: “Picture by Sandman.” If I don’t hear from you, that’s what we’ll do. I think your full name would be better though. No one knows Sandman. :wink:

Mixed breeds rule. :sunglasses:

Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

How’s this one? I usually resize photos before posting.

What an awesome dog. He looks so happy! The image is a bit vague, but the pic is awesome. Worth using on one of our web pages for sure. If you have other ones that have a better focus, you can email them to me at

I’d like to see this dog on our website because there are so many black strays in Taiwan, and they are not easy to find homes for, for some reason.

Thanks Toasty. Pm me your full name and the pooche’s name when you get a chance, if you want a copyright on it.

Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

why is this in temp? It’s a good topic. I just need to dig out a photo of Jack.

It’s back, I see. Bring on the pics!

It’s back, I see. Bring on the pics![/quote]Ok temp mods, are we going to fight this now? Where’s the boxing gloves emoticons? :wink:

Seriously, I temped it because I wanted to get pics. After 50 views in pets and animals, only one post by Toasty. Fine by me if it stays here, Sandman’s picture and Toasty’s last pic sure gave substance to this thread. Besides, like I said, mixed breeds rule. I agree it’s a good topic, but it seemed to get very little attention regardless. I don’t need that many pics, but it would be nice to have more selection. I figured it was nice to get pics of Taiwanese dogs too, not easy to find them with googles and then there’s the copyright issue with googles which can be burdensome.

Thanks for the pics guys, and I hope to see more. I still need one or two yet.


Here is Jack. Rescued from under a bridge at Danshui a few weeks old.

Now he’s coming up to 18 months old, and looks like a GIANT Jack Russell at 27kg. :noway:

Wow! The eyes on Jack. Awesome colour. He looks like a little four-legged people. He’s one of these dogs that has very visible facial expressions. I need you last name Truant, apologies I forgot it. Same with Toasty.

So far I have pics from Belgium Pie, Sandman, Toasty, Truant and I’m waiting to hear from Zerosum who posted an awesome pic of his dog in another thread. Either Belgium Pie or Zerosum’s pic will be on our homepage and the others will be on separate pages when you click on things. So far, all of them pics were stray dogs at some point. Belgium Pie’s pic is of a dog that lives on the street as we speak. That is worth a lot to me in terms of what we want to eventually achieve with our website.

Thanks folks!

Edit: Geez! I almost forgot. You guys have either rescued or are fostering these dogs. That’s worth at least one of these… :bravo: and one more… :bravo:

This is Finn. I found him living on the street outside our apartment building in Taipei at about 4 months old. Now, this is him at home in Canada after a swim at the lake (about 3 years old here). (I hope posting this picture works?)

[quote=“TD”](I hope posting this picture works?)[/quote]It didn’t work. Not sure why because the link does work. Here it is:

That’s another nice pic. PM me your name for copyright purposes, DT.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who contributed pictures! :notworthy:

Here’s our new website temporary address:

We are just waiting for our previous website person to get back to his home in the USA to transfer the domain name so that we can cancel our current website and replace it with this one.

Big welcome to Zerosum, he is our latest volunteer. :slight_smile: We will add a mention in our website about his pictures and about how beautiful strays can be. This mention will basically tell people that all of our pictures are of mixed breeds and strays. All recent pictures. We want to show the world that strays rule. :slight_smile:

Zerosum is taking on the task of shooting strays and updating our website regularly with the pictures. He is our new volunteer photographer and we are really stoked that the animals will benefit from his outstanding talent. To view more of Zerosum pictures, you can browse this thread.

Everyone is still invited to submit pictures and we will be happy to use some of them on a rotational basis. This means your pictures will not be posted permanently, however, we also plan to add a tab/page where all the pictures we use will remain archived.

Again, thanks everyone! :notworthy:

Not only is he shooting strays but taking photos of it, too! :astonished: Bobepine, you really should find more suitable volunteers for ATK :wink:

Chris, guys 'n gals @ ATKaohsiung… thx for giving me the opportunity to help out – glad to be of service! Guess it’s time to camo up and do some shoot’n out there now! :wink:

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[quote=“zerosum”] Guess it’s time to camo up and do some shoot’n out there now. :wink: [/quote] :laughing: You already know that steak will work better than camo. I hear chicken works well too. :wink:


Thank you, Sean.

Some really nice pics there. I like the one of the white dog, what a sweetie.