Piercings -- ha, ha, get a clue

Nah, Tetsuo, it’s men that can’t follow the directions women give them! :wink:

This reminds me of the “Look At My Tits” thread. People dress a certain way to get attention and then whine about it when they get attention they don’t want.

Actually I haven’t heard many people with piercings whine about it. Mostly they seem to either expect it or tell the other person where to shove it, rather than whine about it.

Shucks, do I feel foolish. For all the times I’ve seen you, I never noticed. Now having found out, I must add, “So.”

You were, are, and will continue to be, a really great person to know. If I were to raise some sort of personal filter because of your choice of adornment, it would certainly be my loss.

Back in the early 70’s I worked as a contractor with the US military. I grew my hair long and added the beard I still wear to this day. Someone asked me why I didn’t get a haircut because I was missing out on meeting a lot of really interesting people who were turned off by my hair length. My attitude was, if hair length were so damned important to them, I sure wouldn’t find them interesting. Guess I still feel that way.

Oh, I wouldn’t hire a multi-pierce for traditional business dealings with the public either, but that’s a straight business choice.


I met a girl with a lip ring back when I was 18. I found that when I talked to her I was fixated on her mouth. And this got me thinking about kissing her…etc. A couple of months later I went and got one for myself…hoping that it would work in the same way to the women. Took it out when I got to Taiwan though. But it did slowly chip away at my front teeth.

As far as nose rings…they originate from India where women are forced to get them after marriage…to make them uglier and therefore less likely to cheat. It usually works the same way in our culture as well with regards to them becoming less attractive to most people.

Either that or one can clip a leash onto it to keep them from roaming. :wink:

I also used to get temporary tatoos on my face. The kind that would last a week. That was tons of fun. For a whole week everywhere I went I had a full facial tatoo…that 95% of the people thought was real. I’ve done it every couple of years or so for the last 10 years. Lots of fun.

My whole back has a ‘real’ tatoo on it now. Some people ask me what happens if I get bored of it or don’t want it in the future. I always reply “I can’t see it…how could I get bored of it?”

I would hazard a guess that people who have multiple piercings are fully aware of social attitudes toward piercings, and are certainly not surprised at comments, bewilderment and even prejudice on the part of others. And they’re not bothered by it. In business, there are plenty of businesses that look down on piercings, but by the same token there are many businesses that are far more accepting - e.g. the music and art businesses, clubs and bars, tattoo and body piercing businesses, etc.

If you choose to go through life looking or acting different, that’s your freedom, as long as you’re not hurting anyone.

I got an earring when I was 16. I took it out the day I left for boot camp.
I put it back in 6 years later when I was a free man again. I thought nothing of it and a couple years later on a whim I got an eye ring. Once again, I though nothing of it.
4 years later I move to Taiwan, get married and settled down. I went back to the states and saw all these little 14 year olds with the same eyering and earring . The exact same model.
Then a realized

My new puppy is quite happy with his piercings!

I had my eyebrow pierced when I was 19 years old, shortly before I did my study abroad in France. Today, I can’t remember the exact reasons behind doing it as no one else I knew had one and I pretty much did it on whim. I was going through a kind of grunge stage at the time…one look at my passport picture, which was taken a week before the piercing, will tell you that. I was very proud of it, even though I was required to take it out for my summer/winter break job (I put fishing line in to keep it from closing) and to cover it for marching band (a big ugly “caucasian flesh”-colored band-aid). It grew out less than a year later…the only thing I regret about it was that I couldn’t get it done again in the same eyebrow because of the scar tissue. I still miss having one. :frowning:

Why does anyone care about other people’s piercings?

What is this, Reader’s Digest?

[quote=“rooftop”]Why does anyone care about other people’s piercings?

What is this, Reader’s Digest?[/quote]

Aww… don’t be a wet blanket, rooftop. :wink: People have opinions about all kinds of random things that don’t directly affect their own lives don’t they? Get in the spirit of things and take a side! What do you think of the “Hercule Poirot” look, for instance?

(Personally, I’m not a big fan, although I liked the point that whoever-it-was made about being able to temporily take them out if one has a job interview or the like.)

“Hey, nice piercings.”
“No, those are blackheads.”

That must hurt like a bastard when he sneezes.


(Personally, I’m not a big fan, although I liked the point that whoever-it-was made about being able to temporily take them out if one has a job interview or the like.)[/quote]

For example, I’m sure he takes it out when he goes for auditions.

For example, I’m sure he takes it out when he goes for auditions.

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:bravo: :laughing:

[quote]How 'bout getting a Prince Albert. What happens once you get tired of that?
You don’t or you don’t let yourself because the women love it! 16 years here.

I had a tongue piercing for a couple of years, and I didn’t have any speech problems because of it. Also no broken teeth etc. I wonder why she would get it if it made her feel uncomfortable.

Many people who like piercings feel naked without it…not uncomfortable with it. My boos was fine didn’t mind when I got my eyebrow pierced here…, but then again, he didn’t care about my tatts, pierced nose and eyebrow…and shaved head! I took everything out though…only stuck with the ink:)

I have one earring (used to have seven before I came to Taiwan) and two tattoos. The tattoos are for me, and are unnoticeable unless I want someone to notice them. I also do take my earring out for job interviews or the like.

Personally, I think Taiwanese youth needs a little more rebellion. There are far too many “Momma’s boys” and “Daddy’s girls” here without a sense of self that exists outside of what their parents allow them to have. So, when Taiwanese kids do anything rebellious, no matter how silly it might seem to me, I have to give them credit. They are oppressed by a family system where a parent’s self-worth comes out of neediness, greed, and wanting their children to rely on them completely for the rest of their lives, as opposed to something more healthy like taking pride in the fact that their child is their own person, can make decisions for themselves, has a good sense of judgment, knows how to interact with people, is honest, independent, and doesn’t need to rely on their parents well into their late 20’s and 30’s.

So, I say REBEL, REBEL, REBEL!!! :smiley: