Pig Man!

Big man, pig man
Ha ha, charade you are


I would suggest the lesson here is: do your best to ensure that, by the age of 57, you haven’t ruined the heart that nature gave you, so that you don’t wind up on an operating table with the quacks using you (and some nameless pig) for experiments.


Bullshit. That guy’s half bacon!

Bacon is good for you. But not in that way, I reckon.

It’s a logical step before completely artifical organs are common.

Perhaps he had a genetic defect.

Entirely possible. The article doesn’t say. Even if he does, though, my point was that the rest of us don’t, and therefore have a lot of control over whether we end up in this sorry predicament.

Years ago I wanted to go into the artificial-addons business (prosthetics, not internal organs). Life took different turns, as it does, and TBH I’m glad that I didn’t, seeing how the world is going today. I wouldn’t want to be a part of it.

He’s a target for the apple smoked cannibal club.


Can you turn me into a cyborg?

That’s all that matters.


Lecter probably wouldn’t agree,

This is not a fictive thread, sir.

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Now we just have to mix some Bear in…


If Pig Man survives, we should let him have the final say.

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Oh we know what he’ll say:


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You mean this one? I’ve heard in current year, such things are not just possible but laudable.

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You do not want that cyborg in you.



The other lesson here is that the dude is alive with a pig heart. I’m not sure I’d call the people who pulled that off “quacks.”

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