Pigeon racing in taiwan

To be fair, the illegal building thing is a bit hyperbolic because loads of construction is illegal. when people illegally build the metal top floors they pay a fine and get taxed a higher rate. it often isnt considered abnormal or even a problem.

Until it is a problem :upside_down_face: Lots of pigeon houses on ground level too, the rooftop thing is just a population density/lacked land thing. Many small ones can probably wiggle their way out of building laws as they arent all structural :slight_smile:

Also it isnt really illegal race gambling, just illegal gambling. exists all over Taiwan in other games as well. I think the pigeon racing itself is legal (dont quote me)

Some people call this the price of freedom haha

Depends when they were built. My inlaws have a 3 floor building that was originally 1 floor. They built it up themselves, it also has a roof structure. All legal because of the dates.

Pigeon’s houses are commonly as good or better than the real house.

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Fire in a pigeon loft that killed 38 racing pigeons.

The owner of the pigeons, Baoshan Township Mayor Chiu Chen-Wei (邱振瑋), said


Money talks :sweat_smile:

A decent movie with pigeon racing as the theme.

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Wow that came out of nowhere I probably would never noticed that but I’m going to check it