Pilates Class

Could someone tell me where I can take Pilates classes in Taipei? I would prefer someone trained in Stott Pilates method. Any idea on the price for one-on-one instruction?

Pilates class? Is that where you learn to send young trouble makers off to execution?

Cool thread! I’m looking to join a Pilates class, too. Do you think they offer something up at The Center (www.community.com.tw)?

btw, if you don’t know what Pilates is, read this: http://www.pilates-studio.com/docs/method/methwhat.htm

The Center?
Oh they have cooking with kids, visits to snake alley and shilin night market food classes, but alas, no pilates. isn’t it like yoga, but faster?

i like the word “pilates”. pill ought ease.

The only place I know that offers Pilates is at the American Club.

What kind of Pilates do they have at the American Club? Is it a mat-based workout or do they have the machines?

I haven’t ever taken a class there, but I think it must be a mat class because they only have one machine and it’s damn old (looks like a medieval torture machine).

I just had a quick look to see what the hell Pilate’s was. Why don’t you just do Tai Chi or any other of these local gentle ‘sports’-- makes more sense to me.