Please help! I have the worst neck ache. Since I have to work about 16 hours a day on a computer, and I don’t sleep that well in the evenings, my quality of life sucks!
I understand that switching to better (non lumpy) pillows would help, but not sure what kind to get. A friend recommended some kind made of tree pulp, but what is that? Think something’s lost in the translation, but I didn’t catch the Chinese word for it. Says they’re hard, but his sleep patterns and back problems have improved tremendously.

Am willing to pay top dollar. Please provide name brands and stores. Ta!

How about not using a pillow? I had the same problems as you for the past few years and changed my pillow about twice a year. I found that the more

Did you read my other post about pillows? I considered buying one filled with green bean husks or tea leaves but in the end plumped for a memory foam pillow. It’s treating me very well. There are a number around the same price -sub 1000NT but I got a USA made one that was 999NT, because it looked the best.
It has contours - you can either use it with the flatter contour under your neck or the higher one. I sometimes swap round during the night if I want to lie on my side or front for example. I haven’t had any neck aches since I got it.

It’s called ‘Smooth’ and the biggest lettering on the box says ‘U.S.A. NEW UNIQUE MATERIAL

You wanted to know where purchased - it was in RT-Mart (a sister store to Damaijia/Save & Safe) on Jinhuabei Lu, Taichung. But I’m sure you can find the same brand in any big store such as Carrefour.

PM me if you have any questions.

PS With the computer work, are you using one of those office chairs on castors? I would recommend ditching it and using a standard chair with four legs, but either propping up the back legs slightly or getting hold of a cushion which slopes slightly forward for the optimum posture. My old Alexander Technique teacher had a friend who made such sloping cushions. You should also consider using a keyboard such as Microsoft’s ‘Natural Keyboard’, which divides the main kepad into two sections, and contours the whole thing so it’s a lot more comfortable (it’s best if you can touch-type). That helps your arms but also your whole upper body. In addition you should be taking short breaks from time to time, doing arm rotation and other exercises both while seated and not, and also doing eye exercises.

There’s a shop at Shin Kong Matsukoshi on Nan Jing West Road (I can’t remember which floor) that sells really good memory foam pillows and beds. Their stuff is made in Sweden and is better than some US brands I’ve seen. But it’s quite expensive. (A pillow for one costs some 5000 NT.)
Also, if you work long hours in front of a computer, it might help to do some exercise that involves your neck and shoulders. Your seat at the computer desk also matters.

Taipei’s Sunrise Dept Store B1 has Swedish memory pillows. Helped reduce headaches for me.

I use a down feather pillow from IKEA, hate those foam things.

Why not try one of those blocks of wood the ancient Chinese used?