Pimsleur Mandarin

Anyone try the Pimsleur Mandarin (or any other language) method? Right now I am mainly using it for review and to keep things fresh. I listen to it during my commute to/from work every day. I’ve taken two semesters of Mandarin at a local college, so I have a pretty good foundation. Going on with more classes was just too inconvenient with my work schedule, so I am exploring ways to continue my studies in preparation for my move to Taiwan (or maybe China) in 2005 :?: .

The Pimsleur method seems OK for general conversation, but it’s not a method for reading/writing. I am using the Integrated Chinese textbooks to help with the reading/writing part (since that’s what we used in class). My Taiwanese wife is a great help, although she often gives me a blank stare anytime I say something in Mandarin to her. Oh well, practice makes perfect I guess.