Pineapple Party At Josefus' Place!

Date to be announced. Watch this space! Surgical masks recommended, but not essential. Disinfectants available upon request.

Now that this is an event-to-be, it shall have a nice long shelf life, no matter what banter may go on inside this thread.
See how easy I am to deal with?
My old age has mellowed me indeed.

Should I bring binoculars?

Can I come, I’ll get a pineapple or an Indonesian, whichever is easier.

I suspect anything that protects your eyes would be advisable.

All I know is, one of them MUST have a vagina.

All I know is, one of them MUST have a vagina.[/quote]
The pineapple has a prickly one…but its juicy.

When I was a teenager, one could purchase exotic condoms from the cornershop near where I lived, in the small town that I grew up in. None of us ever had the balls to actually make these illicit buys, but the most exotic one of them all was “The Pineapple”. I won’t regale you lot with the details of said paraphernalia (I don’t want to be temped; it would break my heart), but suffice to say, it looked remarkably like a pineapple. I think I’m going to pluck up the courage, Google “The Pineapple”, order it through Amazon, and wear one to Josefus’ party. (That’s if I’m invited).

on your head. follow the instructions.