Pineapple picking in Taitung

Yes, a blog from a tour company, but interesting.
Unlike strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, etc. picking, you cannot eat while you pick them, unless you’re carrying a cool knife with you and can finish a whole pineapple at one go.

Lots of pineapple fields in Pingtung and Kaohsiung (northern part away from coast) as well.

Life Pro Tip: Save on labor costs by letting tourists pay you for doing the work! :man_shrugging:


You should know most fruits are picked unripe and they are artificially ripened right before sale.

And you do not want to eat unripe pineapple. I heard it is actually poisonous.

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I’m sure the farmers tell you that when you are picking them with their guidance.

Not sure why I want to spend my vacation picking fruit in Taiwan summer…

Plus I hate pineapple. Except for that pineapple cake thing… those are good. But I hate the fruit itself.

  1. Concerned about the toxicity of unripe pineapples.
  2. Doesn’t want to spend summer vacation picking fruit.
  3. Hates pineapple.

This doesn’t sound like the holiday activity for you tbh, I agree. I believe it is actually voluntary rather than compulsory, though.


Can I pay to watch tourists who would pay to pick pineapples, pick pineapples?

Sure. Just don’t play any pocket billiards.

I searched and is true!