Pinglin Bike Park

This sounds very cool. A new bike park/route is opening in Pinglin this weekend. There will be a mountain biking event this week to celebrate the opening.

The article … viewdate=0 is not terribly clear about what the park really is. It seems there is a special mountain biking area but also a long route that may extend all the way to WULAI!

[quote] From the famous Hengju Piliao section of the Taipei-Yilan Highway, the course will run along the Jingualiao Creek all the way to the bicycle park. This is northern Taiwan’s first specifically "mountain bike downhill racecourse…

…The route runs deep into Jiuwangen, takes in Tianmaomi’s broad forests, and then runs straight to Wulai, forming a natural and rugged bicycle park. [/quote]

I was on the bike path in February (if it’s the same) and it runs southwest, first through emerald tea fields and then alongside a pristine moutain brook. Not at all challenging but so beautiful. The route then was about 20km so and was in the direction of Wulai so I assume it’s the same.

Oh, won’t that be cool.

Here is the website for the 2004 Pingln International Mountain Bike Invitation. It’s all in Chinese so I hope someone can check it out and let the rest of us know more about the event and also the route. … /index.htm