Pingtung (ex-Kenting) Tourism

A new place to post Ping-Tung travel info. It is a short hop east and south from where I am and place I do lots of day trips or in the case of Pingtung City a lunch or dinner and back home for me. I will later post some photos from some the small towns that a lot of people miss outside that are not in Southern Taiwan. i like Dongguan which has become a bigger draw, but there are some other gems that can be accessed but public transport but not all. (There are now quite a few car rental/hire places and Pingtung is breeze to drive around compared Kaoshuing or Taipei)


Maybe title should be "Pingtung (ex-Kenting) Tourism.
All kinds of nooks and crannies aside from Kenting.
Dapeng Bay a neat place to toot around on a bicycle.

Done, and yes Dapeng Bay is nice place. I thought there (was) racetrack (for things with motors) there too, not sure if I remember right.

Pingtung is a cool place. Not awesome to live in, bu lots of great places. Dong gang i dont like, but go often. Their port got renovated way different bow. Just down from the ferry to Xiaoliuqui. That island is a worthwhile short visit, very easy to see green sea turtles. Despite the islands lack of environmentalsim, they do actually seem to care about the sea turtles a fair bit.

Dapengwan has been race track. more and more development. I think that once their mangrove plantations get another 5 to 10 years, this area will be a true gem of taiwan! If Linbian doesnt sink first from the water table constantly being sucked dry.

The mountains are pretty awesome in pingtung. Though unfortunately it has become more and more common to see aboriginal people blocking access and charging money to enter certain roads. This pisses me off, expect it to get worse.

Maolin hotspring area should be done this year. Might be nice? I lived there during morakot and the whole area got a facelift. Not sure if they will reinstate the toll booth after the hotspring project is done. just past Gaoshu, meinong area.

Dajin waterfall is a fun place to go when there is water.

Beidawushan is an amazing mountain area. And everywhere around it. A biological hotspot, look around there is some amazing stuff there!

Salawan is great, but aboriginals have closed the road. They claim its the government…not. the 3 deaths there a few years back was a nice face saving excuse to kick out the public.

If hikin in certain remote areas of pingtung, beware of hunters. gun safety is about as high quality as driving skill. Dont be shy about making noise, let them know youre there.

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Pictures from my work computer. (I use them in class)

General thoughts:

  1. Donggang is… ok. I sometimes go there to have dinner. It’s about 20 minutes from where I live. It has more history than other parts of Pingtung. The locals really need to work on the garbage problem though. Dapeng Bay? It’s a great place to run or do laps on a bicycle. Not sure if it deserves to be called a “National Scenic Area” however.

  2. The old Hakka houses in Jiadong and Linbian are not that interesting. I now know more about bricks than I ever thought I would.

  3. The Jinshuiying Historic Trail in Fangliao is awesome. You can walk all the way over to Dawu in Taitung. I did this last month and it was incredible.

  4. If you get really bored (or you’re in the area) you can visit Tsai Ying-wen’s ancestral home in Fenggang. The people who built that place must have been TINY.

  5. Some of the coastline in Checheng is nice.

  6. Manjhou - at least the more difficult to reach parts - is stunning.

  7. Don’t bother with the Xuhai Hot Springs in Mudan. It only looks good in pictures. Fun area to drive around though.

  8. Some great trails in Shrdze Township, for that matter everything from Manjhou north to Sandimen is full of trails.

  9. That Liudui Hakka Culture Whatever It Is near Pingtung City SUCKS.

  10. Pingtung City is not memorable and also horrible to drive around, but there are some good restaurants up there.


Her 10 siblings must have been MINIONS!


For sure. Back when we were looking at buying a house one thing that put me off about the older houses was how cramped they all were. Some of them are super cute, and it would be great to have that big courtyard in the front, but the rooms are minion-sized and there are a lot of rules about how much you can remodel them.

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DongGang also has special tiny prawns/shrimps found there and in small area of Japan, if your in town you can this for not much cash.

Sakura shrimp? Sadly shrimp is the one food I can’t eat. The grouper raised around there is good too, though.

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Pingdong , rules on remodelling . haha , thats cute . only certain distrcits would be healthy worry , like pingdong city now.

The moutains in pingdong are all amazing. The towns look nice on above pictures, but gotta say its kinda false advertising. Most are farms which can look similar anywhere. And the pollution is so bad fenggang north that the mountains are often absent.

I like the lingdong coast, mountains and the henchuan penninsula, cheheng south. All those areas have spectacular scenic areas.

Dapengwan is still grimy, i get those peoples opinions. But i can see the potential once the trees grow larger into forests, it has real potential. Watch Dongang expand more and more as it already has the last decade. It has that boat burning ceremknytoo. Love hate kind of attraction. But for people into temple stuff or new to taiwan, its worth a visit.

Few places have just the right formula of not giving a shit, lack of law enforcement and large sums of money to do temple stuff like pingtung. Its not a fun day at a gods birtgday if no one gets burned to death. Puts taijhong to shame cause that city has rules…

Yes, this ! (Name because of it’s color)

Photo spot DongGuag haha

Also visit ZhuTian Station area, nice old coffee roaster and cafe in old resstored home.


As an aside, has subway gone out of business or are they relocating in dongang? I am now out of safe places to eat there :frowning:

You only eat Sandwiches or Western food? What does safe place mean?

No, but i do like salads and sandwiches with fresh veg a lot. I like subway cause im vegetarian and dont much care for the buddhist styled vegetarian cuisine which we have been eating every meal for the last week.

Safe as in no food poisoning risk, contaminated etc. The amount of times i have gotten the runs in donggang has left me worried about new places haha. When i ate meat i liked the seafood a lot. But again, the runs too often :frowning:

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I haven’t eaten at Subway in nearly a decade because the last time I did I got food poisoning. I’m not saying they are worse than any other cheap crappy chain restaurant, but I am saying they aren’t necessarily any better. I’m not sure why you would think there is no risk of food poisoning or contamination at a cheap fast place that serves fresh veggies. That’s arguably the perfect recipe for it.

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Fair enough. Im going more by testing and.inspections with chains compared to small and unregistered eateries.

Touch wood i havent had any issues with subway yet, hence why i go back. I Kaohsiung these days eat it a lot. anyone else notice their bread has gotten worse and eeryrhing seems different. or maybe just the one i went to (by main train station).

Anyway, my experiemces as both customer and as business have left me lacking confidence with food quality in pingdong, nor the inspection sub contracts, fda etc. My first years here i was hospitaled 3 to 8 times a year with severe ecoli. Either it got better or i got a stronger stomach haha.

3 to 8 times (per year) with e-coli?
Dang, I’ve been in Taiwan nearly 3 decades and had all kinds of crap food, but never that serious.
You’ve got bad luck. Sorry to hear that, serious.


Ya the first years were a special kind of hell. Many times were overnight or multiday hospital trips. Fun times. i tend to be scarred when it comes togood cleanliness now…guess im jaded.

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Can you eat Pizza with Cheese (This place makes nice Pizza in huge brick own)

About a 5 minute walk from the Subway (was it the one near the University Hospital?) : ONEPIZZA 灣披薩 - Google Maps

Also here (another 5 min. walk east) about NT$150 to NT$400, big menu with vege options Western and Japanese:

There also international chain options,
Starbucks has huge store there (with a car park). For a smaller town lots of options and about Subway I was surprised there was one there (maybe they thought they get the Uni Medical Centre staff to go there but I guess most eat upscale) but also surprised to hear it shut down.


Great thanks, havent been to either of those but will certainly next time.

Im picky, but not insane. Pizza is fine. Pizza hut/dominos is not :slight_smile:

Will give the jalanese place a shot with mom, cheers.

Dong gang is not Will subway town. They tend to have a large traditional population that doesnt accept fresh vegetables. i think thye mean western fresh vegetables, cause they rat taiwanese fresh veggies haha. All our friends and family there call it too healthy, snub their nose up and buy night market and get the shits all night…i will miss subway (yes near the hospital/mcdonalds). I think mcdonalds does well next to the hospital, its more the culture there.