Pingtung (ex-Kenting) Tourism

OK, but while you’re NOT mentioning any names people like me may be eating food from these companies. Can you mention any instances of things you’ve personally observed? Point us in the direction of any evidence?

It would be hard to say as we wont know different factories customers. It gets spread all over. Only the fda and government bodies can request tracing records, which all wholesale food sales are required to keep. Companies should have a one step back one step forward system in order to be able to track where bad stuff went.

Some examples are i wont touch milk or pork from pingtung. Though some pork does seem fine such as from Taitung and Tsingtao breweries. However smaller hog farms are notorious for feeding. them garbage, massive amounts of medications and they still use it lot ofgrowth stimulants like ractopamine regardless of whether people here think taiwan pork is clean. Usually this one is busted at the feed manufacturers not the farmers or pork processors.

I dont buy field vegetables from anywhere in pingtung, yunlin, chunghua and other heavily contaminated areas. Restaraunts you will never know.

I will start moving this discussion to an AG thread cause its probably a bit off topic, just wanted people travelling to think about food mostly at eateries. Actual food manufacturing gets shipped all over taiwan and abroad so isnt as relevant to pingtung alone.

Edit. Perhaps we continue on over here?:

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Pork from a brewery?

Brewing company, yes. Most companies have more than one business.

Seen as youre in pingtung, check out the tsingtao brewery. i dont suppor tthem cause they are chinese, but their little museum is interesting and their little love peddal boats at their outdoor bar/restaraunt is fun drunk at night.

Been there.