Pink Floyd Cover Band - In The Flesh

Saw a local Pink Floyd cover band tonight. I think the band name is “In The Flesh”.

Includes screen show, lasers, etc. Really nice. Tonight’s show was at Red Room.

Looking forward to future shows. It was interesting to see y’all ages and types of people. Catch them if you can.


If I was going to pretend to be Pink Floyd, there are so many other names to choose from. If they get a gig at The Brick they should change their name to “In the Wall.”

I’m going to Australian PF on June 30. Noice!

Any website which gives show dates/places?

Do they do The Great Gig in the Sky? That would be very interesting to see live.

Saw Mr Waters ‘in the flesh’ last night. 2 hours 30 mins for a 79-year-old is not bad.


Lucky you.

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Would be even more impressive if he “Moved Like Jagger”