Pinyin and Characters of Same Map for Taipei and Taiwan?

Looking for an internet site that has the same map of Taiwan in Pinyin and Characters for Taipei and Taiwan. Also some sort of extensive index of cities in both pinyin and charcters would be helpful. Just trying to get beyond problems with finding locations. What do most people use to beat this problem?

[quote=“kevort”]What do most people use to beat this problem?

It’s called memorization. :unamused:

For Taipei try the new MRT maps. The MRT is now using pinyin, so just ask for two maps, one ‘English’ and one Chinese.

Check Cranky Laowai’s site,

I think he’s got some of this info in list form.


Click here for a bilingual MRT route map.

Good question. No idea about internet sources, but I have a little experience of using printed maps.

When I came here I was disappointed that there were no pinyin road maps published. There are a couple of single-sheet maps of Taiwan available (they use a variety of different Romanizations but are generally useable): one is A2 size, the other is bigger.

But I bought a single-volume 1:100,000 road map (Chinese characters only) and was pleased at how soon I could start to figure out some of the place names. A few characters feature in a great many place names, such as dong, xi, nan, bei, shan, shui, li (as in Puli), hua and some others. Then you have shi for city, xian for county, lu for road, jie for street etc. Once you recognise about 50 characters such as these you are well on the way to being functional when using maps whether at home or when driving around.

Don’t know whether this is any help - hope it might help someone anyway.