Pinyin and Long Form Characters on Taiwan XP

Can it be done? I currently have Simplified and HYPY, but because MS believe everyone who uses LF characters doesn’t know PY (ie shitty XP written by MS in Taiwan) I cannot find MS PY IME for Trad characters.

Anyone know how to do it? Must be for Taiwan Chinese version of XP as machines at work are all helpfully in Chinese.

Getting the Traditional Chinese version of XP to do pinyin input is the same as English XP except the names of things will be different. In brief, Start/Control Panel/Regional/Languages/Details, add Chinese (PRC) Chinese Simplified Microsoft Pinyin and apply, then right click on the language icon and select Restore the Langauge Bar, then toggle the charset to Traditional, then click minimize on the language bar to make it go back on the taskbar. There’s more detailed instructions elsewhere if that’s not enough.

There is no Chinese Traditional Pinyin input for MS XP. I’ve tried that for ages. What do you mean by “then right click on the language icon and select Restore the Langauge Bar, then toggle the charset to Traditional”. That doesn’t work in my version…

Sure there is, I use it all the time.

Which part doesn’t work? If it is that the charset button isn’t on the language bar, you may need to click on the small arrow in the lower right of the language bar, click on charset and then it should appear and let you toggle to traditional characters.

If that’s not clear enough, go to this web page, and the follow the XP directions starting at step 10: … _write.htm

I see what you mean now. Somehow it didn’t work when I tried to change it in explore. I had to open word to get to that list where you can toggle the charset.

Thanks for the hint! So much easier than always having to start dr. eye.

Test: 哈哈, 終于成功了。那這樣子打的字是big5還是gb?

I use HP to input traditional (with XP).

On the control panel go to Regional and Languages Optinons - Languages - Details.

Under Chinese (Taiwan) Keyboard, install Microsoft IME 2002A if you haven’t already. Highlight this and click Properties - Keyboard Mapping. Check Hanyu Pinyin.