Pioneer SC1222-K receiver help

I got a Pioneer SC1222-K receiver for free. The reason it was given to me is because it kept displaying the UE22 error, and supposedly it’s like a red ring of death on the xbox or something. Anyways I fixed it by holding a small blowtorch to that TI chip and it went away. Supposedly this is a temporary fix (this is why I hate digital amps… Usher doesn’t use digital anything and their amps last for decades). But this is not what I need help with… I plasma cut a hole in the casing where that chip is so I can blow torch it again if necessary…

What I need help with is volume problems. I do not have any speaker so I am testing this receiver by plugging in a headphone. I connected it to my computer with phono/3.5mm cable and while music and stuff plays fine, when I watch a youtube video (not ads) the volume is very small, and if I increased the volume it just becomes very distorted. I don’t know if this is because receivers don’t like the tiny ipod/iphone headphones (and need big ones) or it sounds better coming out of a speaker? Or is there a setting where I can turn down the dynamic range so everything comes out the same volume? The receiver works fine if I connect my iphone to its usb but not when watching youtube videos?

Have you tried watching videos on a different platform (Bitchute, Twitch, whatever), and watching YT videos using a different browser?

No, but I tried watching it on my iphone and same problem. If the commercial plays it sounds fine but once the real video plays the volume is too small. If I turn up the volume to compensate on the receiver, it gets distorted.

Update on the Pioneer receiver.

I found the direct replacement chip for this on ebay. However I’m wondering, does anyone know someone who is good with very fine soldering that can perhaps replace the chip for me for a fee?

Basically the problem with this receiver and the reason the sound cuts out/UE22 error is because it has a defective DSP chip. So the way to fix it is to basically send the receiver back to the manufacture for replacement. Unfortunately that is only available in the US or Canada… not possible in Taiwan.

But basically I found the number on the chip, and TI makes a replacement for that chip due to the original being defective. I found that chip on Ebay, they are a pin for pin direct functional replacement. Chip wasn’t expensive, about 500nt a pop. But the challenge is I need someone to solder it for me because while I can solder guitar circuits, this is surface mount component where the pin distance are about .5mm apart (if even that) and there are parts on the circuit board that is only .5mm across (smaller than a grain of rice basically). I do not have the equipment to do this, but I know given Taiwan’s manufacture of electronics somebody has this ability… so if anyone knows of someone or a business that can deal with that kind of soldering, please let me know…

Try here:

The guy speaks a little English. If the older guy is there, his English is good.

Funny, I was going to say this same guy, he’s been there forever. I’m sure he must have fixed tons of stuff.

There was an older guy who seems to have vanished. He could be in the tower block doing all the fixing. He worked for Sony for years before there.

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There’s gotta be someone in Guanghua who can fix anything too, I imagine.

There are one or two South West of Taipei Main Station too, near the police station.
There was one guy who was never at his store. I must have visited 20 times and he was never there. There were a load of classic Hi-fi pieces there waiting for repair…

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I found the Guanghua electronics place. It’s truly a place for hackers but it’s easily missed if you don’t know where to look. In B2 there are a bunch of young people playing what looks like dungeons and dragons and some guys fixing ham radios.

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Update, with some help I got the defective chip replaced but now the receiver works but absolutely no sound. I tried everything including flashing the firmware, which won’t complete (stuck at 45% then gives update error 1). Tired of it so I sold it to a junk yard for 60nt.

Note to self: avoid digital anything. They obviously are designed to fail in weird ways after a few years. I would think pioneer is a respected brand but I know better. Buy an Usher AU9000. That thing is built like a tank, has massive heat sink and transformers even though it’s only 165 watts per channel (it only has 2). I never seen it fail. You would have to overvolt it to make it fail. Even if it fails it should not be hard to fix (no SMD components), and the preamp and power amp is easily separated so if preamp does break, add a simple preamp and use it. You can add 7.1 or whatever to it if you want but usher makes good equipment that will not fail, will not brick because of some firmware dohicky. More importantly really good value for the money too. Oh and if you love turntables it has phono input…