Pisa Pizza - 400, Zhongming South Rd

Had a nice pizza for lunch at Pisa Pizza, 400 Zhongming South Rd., Margherita for 200. Italian style, thin. They also have Vegetarian, Bacon-Onion, Pepperoni (Salami), Hawaii, Smoked Chicken, Spicy Chicken, Seafood, etc. with prices ranging from 180 to 300.

The place is called Pisa Pizza, and I herewith recommend at least the Margherita. They have a nice selection of beers, too, including Alpirsbacher Hefe-Weizen (hell und dunkel) and some other fancy ones plus the standard Taiwan Gold Medal and Heineken, forgot the price tag though.

The owner is Canadian, seems to be a nice bloke, and he speaks English, Chinese and French.

EDIT: 04-2375 6698

Ate there yesterday, pretty tasty, reasonable prices.
My kid liked the corn soup but otherwise that would be a turn-off.