Pit bull saves woman and child

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Here in the USA , pit bulls have a horrible reputation. They are often kept by transients (bums) and have been involved in many attacks on humans. Many people want all pit bulls to be put to death !!

But its wonderful to have a feel good dog story, especially one that involves a pit bull. Just goes to show, there are few bad dogs. Most mean dogs (of all types) are mean because they have mean owners who mistrained or mistreated them.

This pit bull is a stranger to this woman and yet he sensed danger and rescued her from who knows what the man had in mind. IT wasnt anything good, that was for sure.


That’s one good doggy! Saddly, the city I live in bans pit bulls. Pits inside the city are rounded up and put down because they’re thougt of as menacing. I don’t know why. Every pit I’ve ever met has had the sweetest, gentlest personality. But when I was a kid, I remember a guy in the neighborhood use to train them to fight and you couldn’t get anywhere near his house. But that just says about the dogs that they’re intelligent and loyal. It only says negative menacing things about some of the humans out there.