Pixar Bao

Anyone seen the short Pixar film called “bao”?

It’s basically some mother making those chinese meat buns, and one of them comes alive. Then the baby grows up, and finds a wife and he wanted to move out. The mother was so protective he eats the meat bun baby and she cries over it.

I don’t know why but it keeps reminding me of an old Hong Kong horror film called 人肉叉燒包 or “human meat bun”. It’s basically about some wacko who kills a family or employee and makes him/her into a meat bun…

the word bao is pretty fashionable now overseas. as for the movie i don’t want to see it i think the characters look ugly AF

I’ve seen it and thought it was nothing special.

I haven’t watched it yet but now I want to see it

It won an award. Its pretty good. Its metaphysical. The mom is missing her son and has a dream about a Bao turning into her son. In reality that was because she missed him so much. Finally he comes home to see her.

Its touching.

Yeah, I’ve seen it. It was shown as a trailer or warmup reel or whatever they call it before some other movie. I think you’ve got the plot slightly wrong, but it’s basically a none-too-subtle metaphor for overprotective mothers who refuse to let their babies grow up. As tommy mentioned, it does have a happy ending.