Pizza hut sucks

As title says. It sucks big time.

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Your avatar looks like a slice of Pizza Hut supreme that’s been left out under the Kaohsiung sun for a week.

And no shit, it sucks. Dominoes too. Not sure which sucks more. They’re both dog crap. Plenty of good local places though, usually run by ex-pats.

which one did you eat?

edit: The Double American?

The extra amount of double-layered American sausage, which is eaten by the abundance of sausages, allows you to enjoy the authentic American flavor.

Large $565 / Small $370

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I just realized the utter lack of tomato sauce here in Taiwan pizza huts… I knew something was missing


I love pizza hut, order it every two weeks.
Maybe I’ve lost my sense of taste and don’t realize it yet

This, I have to ask for extra tomato sauce every time, which they do. But everything is kept to a minimum, the least they can get away with.

Not limited to Pizza Hut, it’s just culture here, I had one guy at subway struggle over 3 or 4 slices of olive would be enough to cover my 6", literally went from 3 or 4 slices half a dozen time before deciding 3 slices were sufficient.

Or McDonald’s who always seems to fill the large fries only half full. It happens almost every time so I assume they are told by their bosses to not be generous in helping size. And yes , same with subway

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Of the chain pizza places, I actually think Pizza Hut is one of the best. But like several posters have mentioned, you have to ask for extra tomato sauce. The fact is that most locals don’t like tomato sauce on their pizza. They just want to eat a 蔥油餅 while pretending to like exotic foreign food.

I tell them extra sauce on the phone, and then I ask if they added extra sauce when I go to pick it up. And then I open the box to see if they actually added extra sauce, and if they didn’t, I ask them to make the pizzas again. And if they say it’ll take a while, I say no problem, I’ll wait. And if I’m in a hurry, I just tell them to pour extra sauce on top of the pizza. And when they say “Do you mean you want raw sauce poured straight on the pizza?” I tell them that the sauce is already cooked and just pour the damn sauce on the pizzas already. And then I take the pizzas home and heat them a little in the oven, and then we eat them. End of story.


It’s not just the lack of tomato sauce (which maybe it is less than what it should be).

We ordered 2 large pizzas, and when I saw the boxes I thought they messed up the order and gave us two small.

Then the ingredients… the salami was bad… but no worries, there weren’t many slices anyway…

Then the oiliness… for fucks sake, that’s an oily pizza!

While not perfect, Pizza Rock is much better. (I should get something out of doing this publicity…).

Any theories as to why tomato sauce is so skimpy?

saving money? just general lack of boldness of flavors?

I thought it was sweet vs. sour thing but now not so sure.

Now you discover that?! Then for all Italy’s sake, do not try Dominos or any other chain atrocity. Heck, stay away from KFC or McD.

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I’d never eat McDonalds in the US. But here I go there every two weeks or so. I still cannot find a good burger in Kaohsiung. I hate to even admit it, but I prefer a Big Mac over any burger place I’ve found here. Which is a low bar indeed. At least the McD workers in Taiwan seem to put more care into constructing the burgers than they do in the states. I don’t really worry about fast food workers messing with my food like I do in the states either.

Pizza Rock is definitely the best pizza chain in Taiwan. It’s not quite an A grade, but it’s a solid B. They have decent panini sandwiches as well.

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i think there are quite a few places which make good burgers. foster’s had one of the best i ever tasted but it’s been a few years since then, don’t know if it’s still the same. other good burger joints imo would be weee, ten fingers, beast. kh, it’s not exactly a burger heaven but imo much more variety than in most european countries.

as for pizzas, pizzarock is really my favorite in taiwan. they make it right and don’t alter their recipes to accommodate local tastes(at least i hope they won’t).
btw if anyone in kaohsiung is interested to find the best pizza in town: i’ve seen a fairly new pizza shop called pizzeria vintage, the pictures look promising. seems like the owner learned the craft in italy and is certified. i haven’t had the time to try it yet but next time i’m in kh i’ll give it a go

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The prosciutto pizza at Pizza Rock is excellent.

Pizzeria Vintage is awesome. It’s as good as Andy’s (and maybe even better than it). I highly recommend it. I like Pizza Rock, but it is in the end still a chain with many of the mass-produced and impersonal trappings that come with chains. It can’t compete with Vintage or Andy’s.

I’ve had Foster’s burgers. Sorry, not a fan. But appreciate the recommendations anyway.

The main drawback with the chains is they don’t make fresh pizza bases on-site. It’s a quality base that really makes a pizza stand out and I would always go to an independent pizzeria given the choice. Pizza Rock is a solid chain, though.

Actually, I would always go to an independent restaurant of any kind.


Subway has fries???

What bugs me about the Subways in Taiwan (aside from the fact there’s no competitors here like Quizno’s, Pot Belly, or even a Blimpy’s), is they’re super stingy with the toppings. They’ll only put 2 or 3 pieces of onion, pepper, jalapeño, olives, pickles etc. on your sandwich, unless you specifically tell them you want more. Never encountered that problem in the states. Also, I guess they can’t get the right ingredients, because the meatball subs suck here.

There’s a Quizno’s near Gongguan MRT station - maybe that’s the only current location? I know the one in ATT4Fun closed. Their web presence is appalling - as far as I can tell, their Facebook page doesn’t list addresses, but does link to a dead website.

But your point still stands. Sad lack of good reasonably priced sandwich options here. I suspect it’s still not something the local market can support. Lee’s Sandwiches opened a few branches and had big queues for a month or so, but now I believe they’re all gone.

EDIT: Boy, we do get repetitive here at forumosa …