Pizzahut pizzas s**k

Yesterday while visiting friends they had ordered some pizza in, Pizzahut, man was I dissapointed … it seems as if Pizzahut slowly moves to a crust that’s on par with the soft crust sweet pizzas you can have at those 50NT$ pizza stores or the soft bread you can by at every bakery around the island … yuck :frowning:

They must pour oil into their pans by the gallon to get the crusts this greasy. Major yuck. Alleycat’s here I come! Hmm, maybe this Monday…

You guys are too discriminating. They give you a choice of four styles. I got a couple of pan pizzas last week and they weren’t that bad. Alleycat’s is way better.

The restaurants, or the few that actually have a sit down area anymore, are filthy.

I have never, ever, as in never and ever, had a good pizza from any pizza place here in Taiwan. Pizzahut, Dominoes… makes no difference. They don’t even have a real pizza oven! I’m sure they microwave the pizzas. :frowning:

I have to add, rather hastely, that I have never been to Alleycats. So Alleycats is excluded for my rather gross generalization above. :slight_smile:

I don’t think I have ever had a “bad” pizza. :s

Amen to that. :bravo: :smiley:

Amen to that. :bravo: :smiley:[/quote]

Were in Taiwan? If that’s your claim than you really don’t know a ‘good’ pizza … as in alleycats’ pizza or mama mia’s in Shulin …

Amen to that. :bravo: :smiley:[/quote]

Were in Taiwan? If that’s your claim than you really don’t know a ‘good’ pizza … as in alleycats’ pizza or mama mia’s in Shulin …[/quote]

Whining about pizza is just you northerners trying to be all cosmopolitan and shit. :wink:

I want a waffle pizza.

Coming up … :laughing:

and BTW, ordering a pizza in is a pure American invention … Italians don’t have pizzas delivered … you need to eat them fresh out of the oven … :wink:

My son insists on Pizza Hut. I despair of him sometimes…

I like Pizza Hut. Their thick-crust Mexican pizza is yummy. Pepperoni is good too. And I really love having a pizza delivered to my door after a long day of work. The only bad thing about them is that they only have Pepsi products. Coke would be better, but oh well. Nothing’s perfect.

BP can you deliver a veggie pizza?

Go pick it up. If he accidentally hits you in the mouth, you get a free brownie. :wink:

Napoli delivers, and their fried chicken isn’t bad…

Napoli delivers, and their fried chicken isn’t bad…[/quote]

That’s a good one, you almost had me there … they deliver, and the fried chicken is good but the pizza sucks … whoohahahaha !

A lot of street venders have good fried chicken too …

There is no good pizza from any of the pizza chains …

Have no idea how to make a pizza … but I now a good pizza, a good crispy crust and a delicious topping … from a a bad industrial or mass product pizza … very soon they are going to tell people they can make wood fired pizzas in their belt driven ovens …

And no, never thinking about delivering pizza, I don’t want to have people eat some sub-standard halve cold soggy, chewy pile of dough … sorry

i usually just heat it up in the oven or on the stove and the crust is re-crisped :wink:

I would like to return to this topic from a few years ago. I have lived here for 17 years or so and I must say that Pizza Hut has definitely gone downhill. When I first arrived Pizza Hut had more sit down restraunts with being able to order off the menu, not just buffet. You could order a pizza that basically good from Western standards. Now it is mainly take-out. OK you get it to go. I can accept that. But even the so-called Western style flavors such as “Supreme” have a different flavor. I do not know what it is but it just seems to be getting worse. Is it just me?

It’s definitely gone downhill. The pepperoni is barely edible anymore. Shame really as I have nothing pizza wise to eat Changhua.