Place to stay in Puli

I’m using work as an excuse to visit this part of Taiwan. Any recommendations for a place to stay in Puli? Perhaps a place ‘fun’ for my 3 year old daughter who might join me on occasion?

If you have a car and speak Chinese, I would recommend staying somewhere in 桃米里 . I have no idea what 3 year olds like but they have loads of frogs there. It is near Jinan University about 10 minutes drive from Puli.

I stayed at the 紅瓦厝

How about “no-car” folks?

There are a few suggestions in this thread, and if you’d like. I can do a little leg work for you, as I live here. Sorry I don’t have much info on places to stay off-hand, though. PM me if there’s anything I might be able to help you with.

thanks for the suggestion rice_t, we stayed at the place you suggested. lots of frogs! however, we didn’t listen to the part about being able to speak chinese, and i agree it probably would have been better. In the end we resorted pictionary when we couldn’t figure out what the guy was trying to tell us.

You went to Puli? Did you visit the temple?

You went to Puli? Did you visit the temple?[/quote]

no, we didn’t go to the temple, we just went to Taroko and JiJi beach.