Places to eat in Yungho (Yonghe)

I’m going to list a few places that I like to eat at in Yungho b[/b]. I’m hoping that others will add ones they know of. I’m not really recommending that anyone make a special trip into Yungho b[/b] for any of these places–Yungho b[/b] offers much less variety and quality than Taipei does. Still, if you are in the neighborhood or live on the wrong side of the river, you might want to try one of these places. Unless otherwise indicated, there is no English menu at any of the places, and I doubt that the staff speak much English.

Two Yunnan/Burmese places:

Yunnan Popo.
12 Daxin St. Yungho b[/b]. Closed Sundays.

Located near the Cashbox on Yungho b[/b] Rd., Yunnan Popo offers a small but tasty selection of light noodle dishes and traditional Yunnan snacks. My favorite is the wandoufen served only on Saturdays. This often sells out, so come early. The cold noodles (liangmian) are also good.

Qingzhen 786
24 Hsiulang Rd. Section 1 Yungho b[/b]

This simple store front opened a couple of months ago across from the very active Tudigong temple near the beginning of Hsiulang b[/b] Rd. It seems to serve a growing community of Yunnanese from Burma in the area. The owners are Chinese Muslims (Hui) and do not serve pork or alcohol. The home-style food cooking here is much more substantial than Yunnan Popo. One great value is the papaya salad (NT$50), which is far more authentic and tasty then the msg-drenched version served at Wacheng a few blocks away on Chungcheng Rd. The food is somewhat more spicy than that served at faux Thai restaurants like Wacheng, but the owners are ready to tone it down to meet Taiwanese tastes if necessary. Most dishes are around NT$70

More to follow…

Check out the restaurant at 124 Fu He road. Sells pretty damn nice curry dishes, be it noodles or rice, lamb, beef or chicken. Plus they’ve got all the other flavours. Huge variety of rice and noodle dishes. Do it on a friday, then sneak down the road and have a coldy with me at the local tea house. I’m heading back to Aus today though for a couple of weeks. Cheers Amos.

best plate of chashaofan i ever had was in a little place on dehe rd. if you were going south on zhongzheng, make a left, it’s only a few stores down on the left.

Daltongang, you’re spot on with that recommendation. It’s the best cheap Canto restaurant in Taipei. In fact, i think i’ll make the trip across to darkest Yung-Ho b[/b] tonight for their Three Treasures. Thanks for the reminder!

Hungry in Yong He! Keep the posts coming!

Went looking for the Canto on De He tonight. You sure of the address? A name?

A place I’ve toatally overdone is the “Old curry Street” run by a Burmese Chinese chap, Oscar, and his Malay Chinese mate. It’s alright. Just across from the Union hospital on Hsin Yi. There’s often a group of pissed up ‘hua qiao’ there late into the evenings.

Best eats are the curry chicken, and the green papaya salad they occasionally pull out.

One obvious place for a late night feast is the Yong He dou jiang. I see one of the stores has given up on the breakfast stuff altogether and only has the buffet - which isn’t bad either.


I have been to Qingzhen 786 in Hsiulang st. The food is tasty, and pretty authentic of south east asian flavors.

Further, the Laobanniang is very kind, and laobanniang’s daughter is ehmmm…beautiful:)


anton xie

Anton, Xiu lang’s quite long, is that the Zhong Zheng or Xiu lang bridge end?


It’s Section 1 right at the beginning of Hsiulang. So near the Zhongzheng bridge.

42-1 Yongzhen Rd. (1 block south of the Starbucks on the corner of Zhulin and Fuhe)

“Knife” noodles (daoxiaomian) are the attraction here. My favories are the Muxu chaodaoxiaomian and the beef rolls niurou dabing.

275 Zhongzheng Rd. (Near the intersection of Zhongzheng and Dehe)

This is the only restaurant I know of in Yonghe worth crossing the bridge for. Excellent contemporary Japanese food with some intelligent Chinese touches. This is not your typical Taipei Japanese restaurant–the owner ran a restaurant in Japan for many years and the place is popular with Taiwanese who know Japan and Japanese food. Try the Japanese-style salad, the octopus, and, for a real splurge, the crab. Be sure to have them serve the remains of the crab with congee when you are finished. Also try some of the seasonal daily specials listed on the wall. The service is generally good by Taipei standard though they do get a little stretched on weekends and holidays. You will need a reservation on these days (2923-1867) unless you come after 8:00 PM. The decor was really quite elegant when it first opened four or five years ago, but it is showing a few signs of wear and tear now. There are also branches in Guangdong and on Fuhe Road. Avoid the Fuhe Road branch.

Guitailang on Zhongzheng Rd. is no more. It has been replaced by one of the dreaded Taiwanese-style “western” restaurants.