Places to hold a private movie party?

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to find a place to hold a private movie party (maybe around 15-30 people) in Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, and or Kaoshiung. A bar or resturant that might give us the space for free, under the condition that everyone orders drinks and or food would be ideal, but alternatively, something very cheap to rent.

It would be great if they have a screen/projector already set up, but I guess I could also consider renting that sort of thing if there was a great space but no equipment.


How about going to an MTV?
They have big rooms for that many people.
They have all the equipment, you can choose any movie you want, drinks are free, food is cheap.
Many of them have an increasing selection of BluRay now too.

Is that mad little cinema in Taichung still operating? Can’t remember it’s name, but it was in Hsi Tun and you could rent it for next to nothing. The owner is a mad film buff and has films all over the place., any of which you could grab a few mates and whack on what you like. There was (and this is 10 years ago) a cafe of sorts as well.

Aha! Here it is:

[quote]8 1/2 Classic Theater

592, HuiWen Rd.

0938-624-690 [/quote]


The Do What Cafe & Hostel in the Tunghai Art Street neighborhood is a pet-friendly cafe with a big screen and projector. We have movie nights with drinks, beer, popcorn and snacks. Our website is You can contact me for information.

Awesome, thanks for all the suggestions! I’ve been to an MTV before, but I had no idea they might have rooms for 15 or more… I’ll check into the other bars people have listed.

Any more suggestions for down south?

I checked out a few MTV places, and the main problem is that they charge 180 per person before you even buy anything to eat or drink.

I was hoping to find a small independant place (like the two suggested for Taichung) here in Taipei. Anyone have any ideas?